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About Pixegon


We have been building mobile since day 1

Brandon and Ashley Trebitowski embarked on their journey with Treb Studios in late 2012. Within a mere few months of operation, they swiftly recognized the mounting workload and initiated a process of expansion by bringing in and nurturing talented individuals, driven by the success of both small and large projects.

As the value and commitment of their team became evident, the decision was made in 2015 to undergo a transformation, rebranding Treb Studios as Pixegon. Pixegon stands apart as more than a conventional code factory. We take pride in assisting established corporations, startups, and individuals in crafting impactful software solutions for their ventures.

The unwavering dedication, compassion, and innovative spirit of our team members are the driving forces behind Pixegon’s esteemed reputation as a leader in the realm of software development.


Agency Services

Pixegon has an experienced team of designers and developers who are well versed in all of the latest technologies.


UI/UX Design

Design is foundation of any great team and our team. Thats why design is at the heart of what we do, and we do it well.

We work with you and your team during the discovery to make your products user experience stand out. Then we’ll bring your idea to life with wireframes and interactive prototypes. To ensure that time isn’t wasted in the development of your product.


Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are the new frontier of the media content and gaming world. It’s time to upgrade your system to offer the best user experience that goes beyond the desktop. Based on your user demographic, we can create a custom, native iOS, Android, or cross-platform web app. Multi-device support across manufacturers, screen resolutions and operating systems.


Web Development

We build custom web applications that are scalable, responsive, and secure. We can build your web application from the ground up, or we can take your existing web application and improve it. We can also help you with your web hosting needs.


Cloud Operations

Traditional IT is being transformed by Cloud innovations. Pixegon has ground up experience in implementing Cloud Infrastructure to meet technical and cultural requirements.